What we do

Driving creativity into powerful story telling.

Birdy Films can help bring you to the next level. We can help get your message out there in a clear, imaginative and fun way. We believe in giving you a really great service, whether you 've come to us with a huge project or a smaller one. We'd like to provide you with a "serious service within a fun atmosphere".



We provide a whole host of different Film related services, from Corporate videos to Documentaries, from Product features to Music videos. We can follow a story or go Viral. Our attention to detail is fine tuned and our reliabilty second to none.

  • Dynamic story telling, aimed at capturing your audience
  • Beautifully shot
  • Great Audio
  • Easy, professional collaboration process

3 D

Wether you want 3D Models or 3D Animation, Birdy Films has got you covered. We can Render out your 3D in many ways, providing you with a choice that suites your needs and budget.

  • Great attention to detail
  • Built to look good
  • Multiple choices of render looks


Need great photographs, come to us for great quality fused with unique imagination.

  • High Quality
  • Imagination and story telling
  • For print or web
  • Quick delivery and easy collaboration process

Terms and Conditions

Booking and Production

We normally require an upfront payment to cover the booking and project planning and pre production expenses. The actual amount will depend upon the size and complication of the project.

Completion and Delivery

Birdy Films uses a professional platform to host all of it's productions. When payment has cleared, embedding codes are released for full use on client's websites. We ask that the remainder of the price be paid on completion and delivery. No exceptions ...


After 10 days we will be forced to charge a penalty at 2% per day. As we are a small team and we offer exceptional prices, we either follow this or hike up our rates.

Ethics and Concepts

Birdy Films makes every effort to act 100% professionally and punctually. We therefore ask our clients, existing and new, to follow in the same direction. We come to the table always loaded with ideas and new tech and we look at your work with the long term in mind and with total discretion.

Free consultation

Birdy Films gives new clients a free consultation. We believe in giving our clients good advice and looking at the "long term" together.

Added benefits

Birdy Films will sit down with you and make sure you get excellent value for money and the best way forward.

Ready to kick-start your project?