What we do

Driving creativity into powerful story telling.

Birdy Films can help bring you to the next level. We can help get your message out there in a clear, imaginative and fun way. We believe in giving you a really great service, whether you 've come to us with a huge project or a smaller one. We'd like to provide you with a "serious service within a fun atmosphere".



We provide a whole host of different Film related services, from Corporate videos to Documentaries, from Product features to Music videos. We can follow a story or go Viral. Our attention to detail is fine tuned and our reliabilty second to none.

  • Dynamic story telling, aimed at capturing your audience
  • Beautifully shot
  • Great Audio
  • Easy, professional collaboration process

3 D

Wether you want 3D Models or 3D Animation, Birdy Films has got you covered. We can Render out your 3D in many ways, providing you with a choice that suites your needs and budget.

  • Great attention to detail
  • Built to look good
  • Multiple choices of render looks


Need great photographs, come to us for great quality fused with unique imagination.

  • High Quality
  • Imagination and story telling
  • For print or web
  • Quick delivery and easy collaboration process

Ready to kick-start your project?